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Basic knowledge of wire and cable


Overview of wire and cable manufacturing process
Wire and cable manufacturing and most of the mechanical and electrical products is totally different. Another commonly used mechanical and electrical products will be assembled into component parts, more parts and then assembled into a single product, product number or number of units measured. Length of wire and cable are the basic units of measurement. All wire and cable conductors are processed from the beginning, in the outer layer by layer conductor with insulation, shielding,, a cable, jacket, etc., made of wire and cable products. The more complex product mix, the more the level of stacking.
First, the wire and cable manufacturing process features:
1. Superposition of a large length of the combination of continuous production
 Superposition of a large length of the combination of continuous production, the impact of wire and cable production is global and control, which involve and affect:
 (1) production process and equipment layout
Workshop products of various equipment requirements must be reasonable and discharge process, so that the various stages of semi-finished products, sequential flow. Device configuration to be considered productive capacity of the different balance of production, and some devices may have to configure two or more, to make the production line capacity can be balanced. Reasonable matching of equipment to mix and layout of production facilities, products and production capacity must be taken into account to balance.
(2) production organization and management
Production organization and management must be scientific and rational, careful and accurate, rigorous and meticulous, the operator according to process requirements must be meticulously implemented, any link problems will affect the smooth process, the impact of product quality and delivery. Especially in multi-core cables, a basic unit of a line or a short length of, or quality problems, the entire length of cable will be enough, resulting in scrap. Conversely, if a unit is too long, it must be cut to waste.
(3) Quality Management
Superposition of a large length of the combination of continuous production, so that any one part of the production process, the instantaneous occurrence of a problem, it will affect the quality of the whole cable. The more quality defects in the inner layer, and no timely detection of termination of production, then the greater the loss. Because the production of wire and cable products is different from the assembled, you can open the other pieces of heavy equipment and replacement; wire and cable as a part or process quality problems, this cable is almost irreversible and irreparable. After the treatment is very negative, that is not sawn downgrade or scrap the whole cable. It can not open the heavy equipment.
Quality wire and cable must be throughout the entire production process. Quality inspection departments to tour the entire production process, inspection, operator self-inspection, mutual inspection process from top to bottom, this is to ensure product quality, enhance economic efficiency and means an important guarantee.


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