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Management Philosophy: Credit-oriented; Quality-first; Customers-supreme
Talent Strategy: To focus on people, to create the future of the company by the top-ranking talents
By the standards of “Morality, Talent, Capability, Performance, High Educational Background, High Standards, High Treatment”, the company has absorbed a large group of look-head and mature management talents who are the guarantees of the corporate success. The company has established a learning-style team and created corporate atmosphere of pursuing undertakings. While improving the examination of working efficiency, the company has paid attention to the constant communication between the management level and employees.


Assessment Standards
Mid-and High-level Management Staff: Loyal, United, Pragmatic, Struggling
Development Personnel: Professional, Innovative, Pioneering
Production Staff: Responsible, Enterprising, Enjoyable
Quality Control Department: Zero Deficiency.


Core Value
“Common Progress, Co-existence, Mutual Development” implicates the integration of it into oriental charm, continues to write the sense of mission with romantic amorous feelings and harbors ambitious entrepreneurial spirit of becoming the best lace manufacturer in China. On the other hand, it shows sincere wishes of Union Best for achieving a win-win development with customers, and becoming everlasting “Union Best” of customers.
Corporate spirit: United, Practical, Innovative, Devoted
Management Philosophy: Credit-oriented; Quality-first; Customers-supreme
Development Strategy: Steady Development, Constant Improvement.

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