Shearer cable structure design should pay attention to what elements

Release time: 2021-12-21 14:56

【Summary Description 】 With the continuous improvement of mining technology, modern mining engineering requires the ground control center to be able to grasp the operation of underground shearer in time, that is, the shearer cable in harsh natural working conditions

With the continuous improvement of mining technology, modern mining engineering requires that the ground control center can grasp the operation condition of underground shearer in time, that is, shearer cable can timely and effectively feed back the working condition of mining equipment to the ground control center in the process of ensuring the normal operation of mining equipment under harsh natural working conditions. In order to facilitate the ground control center to make quick judgment and decision. Therefore, in the coal industry standard MT818 requirements, shearer cable with a control core, to ensure signal detection and transmission, to achieve online real-time monitoring.
At present, the coal mining unit cable in the domestic market, its disadvantages are mainly reflected in the cable running signal transmission is not smooth or signal transmission, thus affecting the ground control center to monitor the work of the coal shearer, and the main reasons for this situation are as follows:
1. Shearer cable working environment is harsh, coal gangue or large coal in the working area fall and smash the cable, causing the cable sheath to be broken or even break the internal core;
2. A certain amount of coal gangue or coal is accumulated in the cable groove, so that the cable is scratched in the process of moving, causing the cable sheath to be scratched or even broken the internal core;
3. Shearer cable frequently expands and bends during field use, which is also easy to cause core breaking.
The above three points are shearer cable in the process of coal mining, subjected to various external forces, resulting in cable easy to be smashed, broken cable fault, which greatly reduces the service life of shearer cable, can not ensure its safety and reliability in the process of use; The detection model and control signal on the intelligent coal mining body cannot be transmitted in time, and the online real-time detection and monitoring cannot be realized.
In order to improve the reliability of shearer cable, it is necessary to solve the shearer cable in the operation process easy to break the core and other crux of the problem, under the premise of standard MT818-2009 requirements, according to my years of experience in shearer cable process, put forward the following improvement measures, so as to effectively improve the reliability of the cable.
1, shearer cable power wire core and control wire core conductor single wire to ensure uniform elongation, tensile strength, resistance qualified, conductor stranded and process must ensure uniform tension. The purpose is to ensure that the cable in the work, not because of the uneven elongation of the conductor or the uneven tension caused by the monofilaments or strands uneven force, and then break phenomenon, for the monofilaments, its production equipment is best to use the multi-head wire drawing machine produced by Nyhoff company production, so as to ensure that the electrical performance of each monofilaments is basically consistent, and its mechanical properties are consistent.
2. When shearer cable power wire core and control wire core are formed, unvulcanized rubber filling strip should be added to ensure that the rubber strip is fully filled in the middle of the cable core when the sheath is squeezed, so that the cable can frequently bend and stretch in the work to minimize the sliding damage between each other. To protect the control core, it is necessary to extrude the sheath outside the control core. When the power wire core and the control wire core are wired, it can be designed as a four-class cable structure to ensure the stability of the overall structural performance of the cable.
3, the shearer cable working environment is bad, in order to avoid the cable being smashed or cut, it is necessary to have good tear resistance and compressive performance of the sheath, which can be used inside and outside the sheath, which is woven with high strength rubber fiber rope. In the process of construction and laying, we can proceed from the following two aspects: in order to prevent the coal gangue or large coal from falling and blasting the cable, we can take advanced protective measures, that is, carry out advanced support for the coal wall and coal roof of the mining face, and adopt the management of following the machine and moving the frame and mutual arc roof; In the process of laying and installing the cable, a 1% length allowance can be given to prevent the cable from overstretched, so as to effectively improve the reliability of the cable.
Shearer cable should be in accordance with the national coal industry standards, on the basis of the design of a reasonable cable structure, to ensure that the cable structure performance is stable, avoid the cable in the use of the process of breaking core and other failures, reasonable and efficient to ensure the normal operation of the cable, to ensure the effective service life of the cable. Through the continuous optimization of product structure, improve the economic benefits of enterprises at the same time to establish a brand cable reputation, to achieve high quality cable manufacturers.