The competitiveness of electric wire and cable needs to be reformed

Release time: 2021-12-31 18:03

【Summary Description 】 After decades of development, China's domestic wire and cable has completed the original accumulation from scratch, from small to large, and become a cable manufacturing country and export country

After decades of development, China's domestic wire and cable industry has completed the original accumulation from scratch and from small to large, and has become a major cable manufacturer and exporter. However, we should also be soberly aware that the rapid development of China's cable industry is accompanied by China's economic reform and opening up and rapid development. In a sense, it can be said that the historical opportunity has created the development of China's cable industry, the achievement of the brilliant cable industry.
However, when the wheel of history turned into 2008, we felt that everything around us seemed to have changed, especially the rise in raw materials (especially copper, aluminum, plastics, etc.), the rise in labor costs, the lack of purchasing power due to the impact of the financial crisis, and the conversion of exports to domestic sales and a series of adverse signals followed. All this makes almost all cable enterprises realize that the era of China's cable industry relying on products has gone forever, the industry competition has expanded from the production field to the field of sales, the market competition pattern has entered the era of brand marketing from the era of product sales mode, and the upgrading of competition is bound to accompany the adjustment of the industry. Thus, all signs show that China's cable industry has entered the transition period, overcapacity, cable market competition intensification, the end of explosive growth, a new round of "reshuffle" has been a mountain and wind.
So in the face of a new round of industrial competition, for most cable enterprises, whether it is the development strategy, management system or business model of the enterprise has to change the time.
First of all, brand competition has become the "survival laws and regulations" of cable enterprises today, so the development of enterprise brand strategy is very important, there is a view that the current enterprise in the implementation and promotion of brand strategy is the most important is to do the following aspects of work:
1, to establish a strong sense of brand strategy
Cable enterprises should comply with the rapid development of The Times and the rapid development of science and technology, first of all, we should deeply realize that the implementation of brand strategy is the current stage to compete for market share, to obtain one of the fundamental means of enterprise survival and development; Then by learning and understanding the development situation of domestic and international enterprises, size up the situation, seize the opportunity in time to implement the brand strategy of the enterprise; Then it is to establish a strong sense of brand development strategy, with a high sense of political responsibility and sense of urgency to promote the brand strategy of the enterprise.
2. Select the correct market positioning and determine the strategic brand
The implementation of brand strategy should proceed from the actual situation of the enterprise, among which the cable homogenization products developed should reflect the heterogeneity. It is this heterogeneity that is the key to the success of brand development. And this heterogeneity should be developed according to the consumption demand of the market. For example, many famous brands have developed the heterogeneity of products in the same category to achieve success.
3. Use capital management to speed up development
The form of capital operation is through merger, acquisition, transfer, franchise, paid use and other ways, grafting and introduction of international and domestic brands. Brand creation is the primary stage of brand development, brand management is the advanced stage of brand development. From the perspective of the development process of American commodity brands, it has gone through a trilogy of brand creation, brand management and brand trading. We may as well learn from this experience, the implementation of brand capital management. It depends on the specific situation of the enterprise to decide whether to use capital management to acquire and merge other's brands, or to transfer, use and franchise their own brands through capital management. What we should emphasize here is that we should have the concept of capital management and understand that buying a good brand of goods with a market is equivalent to buying a good market. Nowadays, this kind of brand capital operation management, has been common in the international, in the domestic has also been common.
4. Use information network to implement portfolio management
Once the cable brand is developed, it is necessary to get online at the fastest speed. In the information age, it is possible to achieve the fastest portfolio management through the information highway. First, the rapid Internet access of newly developed brands can not only quickly enter the introduction period of new product promotion, marketing and market expansion, but also save a lot of necessary investment in advertising, which is necessary for the development of any new product, and is huge. Because of the Internet, this input is saved, but the market is developed, and developed at the fastest speed; Second, new product information online, can be the broadest vision to seek trading partners. If you are on the global information network, then the vision is global. The more trading partners are sought, the deeper the marketing mix will be, and the greater the effect will be. Third, with the popularization of the information network, online shopping will become the best channel of sales, and this has become the most direct component of the portfolio marketing. Therefore, the implementation of brand strategy, must not use the information network.
5. Implement large-scale and intensive management
The brand strategy itself is a kind of scale, intensive management. First of all, the brand should be further extended and expanded. In the implementation of brand strategy, it is necessary to implement scale and intensive management. For example, relying on large groups to promote newly developed brands means that, if the enterprise itself is a single enterprise, once the new products are developed and recognized by the market, it will immediately take refuge in those large commercial enterprise groups, so as to take advantage of its advantages of abundant capital, large market share and abundant management and marketing talents to bring the newly developed brands to a wider market. Push out on multiple levels of consumption.
In short, brand is the outstanding performance of the overall quality and competitive strength of cable enterprises and its physical transformation, therefore, domestic cable enterprises to build corporate culture, the implementation of corporate brand awareness, to achieve from economic force to brand force, from brand force to economic force of the two transformation, first depends on the brand awareness of enterprise decision-makers, enterprise decision-makers clear, accurate, long-term brand awareness establishment, In this way, a team capable of brand planning and brand operation can be generated and cultivated, and the brand road of the enterprise can go further and faster.
Secondly, when the enterprise has developed to a certain stage, especially when the development level and competition elements of the entire cable industry have risen from the original single rely on products to the comprehensive utilization of enterprise talent, information, technology, etc., the original extensive management replaced by a refined, process-based division of labor cooperation, Enterprises need to establish a modern enterprise management system that matches the development of the industry and a perfect professional manager management team, in order to ensure that enterprises in each stage, each link in the operation of the best performance. Obviously, under the current market, the overall competitive environment of China's cable industry has changed completely. Therefore, for cable enterprises, it is urgent to establish management methods, talent mechanism and corporate culture in line with the modern enterprise system. Only in this way can we fundamentally solve a series of problems of long working hours and low per capita capacity, high management costs and low unit efficiency, and poor operating environment, large employee mobility and so on, which can ensure that our cable enterprises go further on the road to build a brand, on the road of more healthy and benign sustainable development.
Moreover, we should establish the marketing concept that takes the market as the starting point, relies on cable products, takes customer needs as the core, and aims to obtain profits.
First of all, construct efficient scientific and technological innovation concept
Cable enterprises want to continue to introduce high-quality cable products, not only to rely on the power support provided by capital operation, but also to rely on the technical support provided by scientific and technological innovation. Without scientific and technological innovation, the research and development and production of any high-quality cable products are empty talk. Therefore, in the fierce market competition, any cable enterprises must pay attention to scientific and technological innovation for the sake of survival and development.
Secondly, construct the new idea of high profit capital operation
Capital is the main guarantee for enterprises engaged in product development and production.
Specifically, in the unpredictable market, cable enterprises can rely on capital operation, one is to change from simply relying on product management to diversified management, to ensure the safety of enterprise operation; The second is to seek for enterprise credit funds, to solve the enterprise assets idle and fund operation lag problems; The third is to carry out technological innovation and expand the investment in technological transformation, and gain scale benefits through moderate expansion of production scale. With the economic globalization and the development of Internet information technology, Chinese cable enterprises on the one hand can optimize the allocation of resources, adjust products and industrial structure in the global scope, seeking broad cooperation, so as to provide users with inexpensive and fine cable products; On the other hand, Chinese enterprises must face the challenges of oversupply of cable products and decline of profit space of products.
As we all know, the product homogeneity in the entire cable industry is becoming increasingly serious, so how to stand out in many cable products, service has become one of the enterprise's winning weapons.
Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service is an integral part of cable products, so it is also an important factor in marketing. When it goes into various industries, especially the cable industry, as a new concept, the implementation of service marketing strategy becomes the need for enterprises to participate in market competition and establish core competitiveness. In order to effectively use service marketing to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, cable enterprises should be based on their own characteristics, pay attention to the segmentation of the market and customers, from the service differentiation, tangible, standardization and branding, to develop and implement scientific service marketing strategy, to ensure the improvement of enterprise competitiveness.
It is believed that according to the basic law of cable industry development and market competition, China's cable industry is bound to experience large-scale and large-scale industry integration in the next five to ten years. However, along with a large number of small and medium-sized cable enterprises will be "reshuffled" at the same time. Inevitably, some excellent cable enterprises will rely on talent, technology, quality, cost and brand advantages to stand out in the industry. As the ancient saying goes, "All power, who can rise and become power, must have a reason, and those who can rise and die must also have a reason. What rises and what dies? Make good and prosper, make good and perish ". Therefore, in the face of a new round of cable industry upgrading, in the face of the new situation of China's cable industry, our cable enterprises must steadily carry out reform.