Domestic ultra high voltage cable market industry development

Release time: 2021-12-31 18:09

【Summary Description 】 As one of the important supporting industries of national economic construction, wire and cable industry accounts for a quarter of the output value of China's electrical industry

As one of the important supporting industries of national economic construction, the electric wire and cable industry accounts for a quarter of the output value of China's electrical industry. It is the second largest industry only second to the automobile industry in the machinery industry, and its total annual output value has accounted for about 2% of China's GDP. Among them, power cable is a very important product in the wire and cable industry. In recent years, with the development of power grid construction and the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for 110kV and above high-voltage power cables has grown rapidly, which has become a hot spot for investment by some powerful cable enterprises.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics, there are 4,290 enterprises above designated size in the electric wire and cable industry. Although there are a large number of enterprises, there are not many enterprises that can often obtain large orders in the bidding of the major users of power cable." Quality is king, brand victory "has become the competition law in the power cable market in our country, especially in the high voltage power cable market.
According to preliminary statistics, our country has nearly 400 production lines of 35kVCCV(catch-type) medium and low voltage cable. There are nearly 70 cross-linked power cable production lines of 110kV and above (including those under construction), including nearly 50 VCV(vertical) lines and about 20 CCV(catenary) lines, with an annual production capacity of about 21,000 km(calculated according to 110kV). In view of the demand of 110kV and above high-voltage cross-linked cables for economic development and electric power construction, many industry data forecast the growth rate of about 20-25% in recent years. However, some industry experts consider that China has invested a lot to stimulate domestic demand in response to the world economic crisis in the past two years, which may slow down thereafter. Therefore, it is objectively predicted that the annual demand growth rate of 110kV and above high-voltage ultra-high-voltage crosslinked cables will be 14% on average before 2020. According to industry statistics and market analysis, the demand of 110kV cable in 2008 is 8540KM, and it will reach 13000KM in 2010, 26000KM in 2015 and 5000km in 2020. 220kV cable is 910KM in 2008, 1600KM in 2010, 3700KM in 2015, and about 7000KM in 2020. 500kV cables were 213KM in 2008, nearly 400KM in 2010, 870KM in 2015, and 1700KM in 2020.
Due to the high voltage grade of the high-voltage cable, mainly used in key cities or key large enterprises, once the quality problem is a matter of great importance, therefore, whether 110kV power cable or 220kV power cable, the user department in the bidding is the most important performance of the bidding products, especially the performance of safe operation. The system of State Grid Corporation is the main user of high voltage cables, and its bidding is organized by the bidding center of State Grid Corporation, which requires that it must pass the pre-appraisal test of Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute. Therefore, until now, the main suppliers of 220kV cables of State Grid Corporation are only the following: Qingdao Hancable Co., LTD., Shenyang Guhe Cable Co., LTD., Hangzhou Huaxin Power Cable Co., LTD., Baosheng Prissiman Cable Co., LTD., Tebean Electric Engineering Shandong Luneng Taishan Cable Co., LTD., Shanghai Shangtaicang Cable Co., LTD., and Chongqing New Taishan Wire and Cable Co., LTD Company (just entered), etc. According to the bidding result of 220KV ultra-high-voltage cable procurement of State Grid Corporation, since 2007, Qingdao Hancable Co., Ltd. has ranked first in market share, with 40% in 2007, 37.7% in 2008, and 46% in the first half of 2009. At present, the company has 4 vertical production lines of VCV ultra-high voltage power cables. After the completion of the plan to expand the production of 2 VCV, it will become the first production capacity enterprise of ultra-high voltage power cables in China.
In terms of the current product profit of power cables, the product profit of medium and low voltage power cables has been very small due to serious overcapacity and fierce market competition. The profit of 110KV high-voltage cables has also begun to decline gradually in the past two years, and the profit of 220KV and 500KV ultra-high-voltage cables should maintain a relatively high level in the next few years. In terms of the profit of several leading domestic wire and cable enterprises, Qingdao Hancable Co., Ltd. has achieved rapid growth by virtue of its high share in the 220KV ultra-high-voltage cable market. The profit reached 170 million yuan in 2007 and 290 million yuan in 2008, ranking first in the same industry in China. Other enterprises with good benefits are Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group, Far East Cable, Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology, Baosheng Group Co., LTD., Wuxi Jiangnan Cable Co., LTD., Guangdong Nanyang Cable, Nanping Sun Cable, Zhejiang Wanma Cable, most of which are listed companies.
At present, Chinese ultra-high voltage cable materials completely need to be imported, and the main international suppliers are Dow Chemical and Nordic Chemical.110kV cable represents 2.5t/km of insulation material at 800mm2,220kV represents 5.2t/km of insulation material at 1200mm2, and 500kV represents 1600mm2 of insulation material The quantity is 14.0t/km.
Domestic high voltage ultra-high voltage cable accessories are always behind the cable body,220kV cable accessories manufacturers are very few, Only a few companies have passed the type test and pre-qualification test in Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of State Grid, such as Qingdao Hancable Co., LTD., Changsha Cable Accessories Co., LTD., Shenyang Guhe Cable Co., LTD., Jiangsu Anyi Ultra-High Voltage Cable Accessories Co., LTD. For 220kV and 500kV ultra-high voltage underground transmission lines, the demand for cable accessories is 420m and 400m respectively.
Therefore, experts suggest that Chinese ultra-high voltage cable companies and related scientific research institutions should increase the process of research and development of ultra-high voltage cable materials and cable accessories, realize domestic production as soon as possible, seize the technical heights of the high voltage power cable, and revitalize our national cable industry.