Made in China 2025: A good opportunity for cable industry to accelerate transformation and upgrading

Release time: 2021-12-31 18:12

【Summary Description 】 [Cable network news] Since this year's government work report proposed for the first time to implement the "Made in China 2025", March 25, The State Council executive meeting again confirmed the deployment to accelerate the implementation of "Made in China 2025".

[Cable network News] Since this year's government work report for the first time proposed to implement "Made in China 2025", March 25, The State Council executive meeting again determined the deployment to accelerate the implementation of "Made in China 2025", electric power equipment, ocean engineering equipment, advanced rail transit equipment, and other 10 areas as the key development direction. This indicates that a new round of industrial revolution has come to us, and the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry will be a big breakthrough and speed up.

The wire and cable industry should also adapt to the new industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, seize the commanding heights of international industrial competition, and seek the initiative of future development. Germany's "Industry 4.0" plan and the United States' "reindustrialization" are both new industrial revolutions led by intelligent manufacturing. The "Made in China 2025" development strategy formulated by China coincides with them, which is also the future development direction of Chinese manufacturing. The executive meeting of The State Council stressed the need to follow the development trend of "Internet Plus", take the deep integration of informatization and industrialization as the main line, strengthen the basic capacity of industry, improve the technological level and product quality, and promote intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing. We will promote the integrated development of producer services and manufacturing, and raise the level and core competitiveness of manufacturing.

"Internet Plus" is an upgraded version of the integration of the two aspects. It takes the Internet as the core of current informatization, promotes the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing, and promotes "Made in China" to "made in China". The high attention of the government provides a good hotbed for intelligent manufacturing in the traditional manufacturing industry, reduces policy risks, and provides a higher guarantee and development certainty. According to state media, using the industrial Internet could increase efficiency by about 20 percent, cut costs by 20 percent, and reduce energy and emissions by about 10 percent. In the next 20 years, the development of the industrial Internet in China will bring at least about US $3 trillion in additional GDP. Made in China 2025 is the product of nearly three years of work by more than 150 experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It will take about three years to complete the transformation from a manufacturing powerhouse to a manufacturing powerhouse. During this period, the ideas, models and driving forces of traditional manufacturing will be overturned and restructured.

As for the traditional manufacturing industry of wire and cable industry, with the disorderly expansion of production capacity, the market is filled with vicious competition, and the dilemma of rough manufacturing process and rampant fake goods is becoming more and more obvious. The cable manufacturing industry in China is showing a situation of insufficient momentum. Wire and cable industry should rely on the development idea of intelligent manufacturing and global vision to seize the opportunity of transformation and upgrading. With the acceleration of new industrialization and urbanization, the importance of green environmental protection and low-carbon economy has become increasingly prominent. Plans for key industries supported and developed by the state, such as new energy, ultra-high voltage, smart power grid, 4G network, ocean engineering, high-speed railway and urban rail transit, have been unveiled one after another. This will mean more development opportunities and challenges for the future development of the wire and cable industry. The wire and cable industry needs to take advantage of "Made in China 2025", actively explore the scientific path of healthy development and sustainable development, and constantly strengthen the internal driving force of transformation and upgrading and innovation. Relying on scientific and technological innovation, digital and intelligent manufacturing deeply integrated with information technology and manufacturing technology as the theme, to seize the commanding heights of international industrial competition and seek the initiative of future development.