The necessity of choosing aluminum alloy cable

Release time: 2021-12-31 18:15

【Summary Description 】 It is very important to replace copper with aluminum in power cable.

1. It is very important to replace copper with aluminum in power cables. Copper has been listed as strategic reserve material second only to petroleum in our country which is deficient in copper resources and a big copper user. According to the China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, as of 2009, China's copper reserves were about 30 million tons, accounting for about 5 percent of the world's total.  domestic copper consumption of about 7 million tons per year currently  the wire and cable with copper content about 65% of the use of copper, accounting for a large proportion, if not import, the copper resources of our country is only available for five years. Such  every year in China need to spend a lot of foreign exchange to import copper  proportion is as high as 70%, cable industry "by aluminum and copper" is a material revolution, saving copper resource can be used in military industry, national defense construction and advanced science and its strategic significance is self-evident. Seeking the substitution of national strategic materials is an extremely important factor for a country. China is a country rich in aluminum ore resources and rare earth resources. According to relevant reports, the reserves of aluminum ore are 3 billion tons, accounting for 12% of the world's reserves. Aluminum alloy development and application of cable, the realization of "by aluminum and copper"  resources instead of is particularly important.
2. The comprehensive performance of the aluminum alloy cable is superior to the domestic industry standard. The characteristics of the new rare earth high-ferro-aluminum alloy cable are that by taking advantage of the advantages of rare earth resources in China, the aluminum conductor with strong flexibility, creep resistance, corrosion resistance and stable connection performance is prepared by special processing after adding rare earth elements to the aluminum conductor. The comprehensive performance has exceeded the leading industry standard at home and abroad. It can be widely used in electric power, automobile, transportation, mining, shipbuilding, chemical industry, military and other fields. 3. Promote aluminum alloy cable conform to the requirements of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, cable technology is always the basis points on the independent innovation, the development of the enterprise has truly master the core technology of rare earth high iron aluminum alloy cable  with the commanding heights of science and technology industry, firmly grasp the development strategy of the initiative. Vigorous promotion in China will help to realize the structure and comprehensive upgrading of China's cable industry, accelerate enterprises' participation in the process of international division of labor, expand export earnings, promote national brands to become bigger and stronger, and make greater contribution to the transformation from "Made in China" to "created in China".