Research report of the first aluminum alloy cable Full Life Cycle (LCA) in China

Release time: 2021-12-31 18:17

【Summary Description 】 General Cable, the world's third largest cable manufacturer, has partnered with the Shanghai Cable Research Institute, a domestic authority on wire and cable

General Cable Corporation, the world's third largest cable manufacturer, and Shanghai Cable Research Institute, a leading authority on domestic wire and cable, will soon release China's first aluminum alloy cable full life cycle (LCA) study. Aluminum alloy cable as the domestic cable industry "hot word", in recent years by the industry attention, on the "copper with aluminum" and "aluminum instead of copper" discussion debate and dispute. Therefore, the topic will be combined with "China's first aluminum alloy cable full Life cycle (LCA) research report" to conduct an in-depth discussion and research on aluminum alloy cable. China's First Aluminum Alloy Cable Full Life Cycle (LCA) Study Report Shanghai Cable Research Institute, with the assistance of General Cable (China), is about to release the first full Life Cycle evaluation report of the domestic cable industry after one year of efforts. The wire and cable industry is a very important industry in our country. Whether it is its product, process or service, the domestic irrelevant LCA analysis. Generally speaking, compared with the numerous products in the wire and cable industry, there are few researches on wire and cable in the industry. In recent years, as a new material of the industry, to AA8030 (American aluminum registered brand) aluminum alloy as conductor cable in various fields in the country is more and more applications... 【 Details 】
The whole Life cycle evaluation (LCA) research report of aluminum alloy cable is aimed at this LCA research. Through different stages of purpose and scope determination, inventory analysis, impact assessment and so on, Emphasis is placed on environmental factors and potential environmental impacts (such as the environmental consequences of resource use and waste discharge) throughout the life cycle of products from raw materials, production, use, end-of-life treatment, recycling and final disposal. The results can be used to identify opportunities to improve environmental performance at various stages of the product lifecycle and to inform decision makers in industry, government or non-governmental organizations (e.g. for strategic planning, prioritization of the purpose of product or process design or redesign). The purpose of the study is to announce the environmental impact of AA8030 aluminum alloy cable in the whole life cycle through the analysis report of LCA, identify and continuously improve the corresponding links to reduce the environmental impact. Aluminum alloy cable is analyzed from the aspects of science and technology theory and environment to provide theoretical basis for environmental improvement. At the same time, the results of the report will provide scientific reference for aluminum alloy cable manufacturers, cable upstream raw material manufacturers, users, and industry bodies and associations interested in alloy cable LCA.